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Not all VPS hosting is the same! Competitors use slower CPUs with lots of slow cores for more profit. MojoHost uses blazing fast AMD Ryzen processors, PCI 4.0 NVMe, and the fastest ECC RAM to outperform. All plans feature unlimited bandwidth, amazing uptime and our top performance guaranty. VPS are available in 3 locations, which include Michigan, Florida, and Netherlands. The best service and support in the world has #GoodMojo!

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Choose dedicated servers in Michigan, Florida, and Netherlands. MojoHost offers high performance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us for a free consultation, custom pricing, and a personal representative. 99.999% uptime guarantee, free DDoS protection, and 1 gigabit of free premium networking per server.

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Build your cloud with ease using our 31 compute instance sizes. Choose a monthly data transfer plan from 10TB to 5PB, saving thousands over AWS. Pay our low hourly for vCPU, RAM, storage, and all cloud resources used.

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S3 Compatible Object Storage: MojoStorage Service stores data within resources called "buckets". You can store, read, write and delete as many objects as you want within your bucket. Seamlessly store millions of files without the limitations of traditional storage. You can easily control access to both buckets and objects, in addition to viewing access logs for the bucket and its objects.

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Enjoy content delivery network service from our CDN with 53 locations across all 6 continents. Trust us to provide an effective solution that will improve your website's performance and user experience. All plans include full integration and ongoing support for easy deployment and maintenance. Please inquire for volume pricing on usage greater than 200TB.

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Catch the thieves stealing and re-posting your content. Proprietary Poizen® technology forensically signs videos as they are delivered by MojoCDN, allowing true identification of your authenticated member.

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