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Select dedicated servers in Michigan or Florida from this site or visit to see Netherlands options. MojoHost is proud to deliver high performance, bare metal server solutions for companies of all sizes. We specialize in delivering multi-server, high complexity hosting environments that require custom configurations. Please inquire for a free technical consultation, custom price and to be assigned a dedicated representative. By offering customers the flexibility of blended solutions that can take advantage of today's greatest technological advancements and yesterday's proven platforms, clients are truly able to maximize efficiency and scalability. Enjoy MojoHost's 99.999% network up-time guarantee, completely FREE DDoS protection, quality bandwidth and FREE 1 gigabit of traffic included with every server.

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Not all virtual private server hosting is created equal. Competitors use old dual Xeon servers with slower components to maximize revenue per node. MojoHost sets the bar high by using the most performant enterprise hardware: AMD Ryzen processors, PCIe 4.0 NVMe storage, and DDR4 3200Mhz ECC RAM. Never pay for overages again with unlimited bandwidth on all VPS plans. Enjoy tremendous uptime on our premium, high-performance bandwidth using Noction routing improvement technology. The best service and support in the world has #GoodMojo!

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MojoCloud Object Storage Service stores data within resources called "buckets". You can store as many objects as you want within a bucket, and write, read, and delete objects in your bucket. Seamlessly store millions of files without the limitations of traditional storage. You can control access to both the bucket and the objects (who can create, delete, and retrieve objects), in addition to viewing access logs for the bucket and its objects.

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Deliver your website content to users faster than ever with our reliable CDN service. Our powerful network of servers ensures lightning-fast page load times, no matter where your users are located. With features like automatic caching and content optimization, our CDN service is the ideal solution for websites that require high-speed content delivery. Trust us to provide an effective CDN service that will improve your website's performance and user experience. All plans include full integration and ongoing support for easy deployment and maintenance. Please inquire for high volume plans and special pricing needs.

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Looking for the best way to protect your website from cyber threats? Our WAF service is the perfect solution for you. With advanced security features like real-time threat monitoring, custom rulesets, and SSL encryption, you can rest easy knowing that your website is safe and secure. Trust us to provide effective WAF service that keeps your website and customer data safe from harm. Includes free integration and support. Scale effortlessly with low pricing for additional domains ($1.99), custom rules ($2.49), and per million requests ($2.99).

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Zimbra E-mail

Zimbra Collaboration fits in all Markets: small, medium and enterprise customers. Choose from several different editions below and decide which has the features your business needs the most.

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