Control Panels

By default, our managed servers are provisioned without CPanel, DirectAdmin, or any other such management portal application. This is both because our experience is that the servers perform better without the panel and because the panel limits our flexibility in customizing the server to an individual client's needs.

If you only want the ability to manage databases or email accounts, we have web interfaces for those individual functions that do not require a full-blown management panel on the server.

If a developer or vendor is insisting that you have CPanel or DirectAdmin, please confirm with them whether it's an actual technical requirement or if that's merely how they're accustomed to working with a server. Very few applications truly require anything beyond FTP/SSH and database access.

Should you want panel software on your server, it is available for an additional cost. However, it MUST be requested when the server is first ordered - we cannot install it on a server that is already live. For servers that are already live, we would need to build a new server with the panel application installed from the start and then migrate your existing sites to the new setup.
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